Holistic practices treat the body and mind without the use of drugs and other traditional Western medicine. Instead, pulling from the ideals of ancient Eastern medicine such as Reiki, meditation, and  yoga, At pure massage, we believe that true healing means, treating the body mind and spirit to create balance.  Reiki, a  form of  holistic healing  we offer, is a practice that uses energy healing, and is great way to treat  physical pain, stress, and anxiety.  It is more than just a treatment, but a teaching tool to help you in all aspects of life. Whether it be gaining insight, feeling empowered, or changing your perspective, holistic healing can help. Let us make you a believer!

Join us for healing night!

The first Tuesday of every month 7:30pm-8:30pm for guided meditation and introduction to Reiki.

Admission: $10     RSVP Required 

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