GHS Infrared Sauna

Our newest addition is the Good Health Sauna GSE-4 person unit.


Infrared therapy gives your body an all-natural detoxification. Research shows that you can dispel 20% of toxins in an infrared sauna.


Infrared sauna health benefits include weight loss, as the heat increases heart rate and speeds up the metabolic rate and cardiac output.


Infrared saunas thin blood vessels which lowers blood pressure. Thinner blood vessel walls are associated with a reduced chance of heart attacks and strokes.


Infrared heat goes deep into the body’s soft tissue, making it a great source of relief of pain as well as improves mobility of joints and muscles

*The sauna is included with all massage therapy treatments.*


**Please come 30 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time to get the full experience of the Vitality Center and the most benefit for your massage sessions**

Sauna Packages 

Sauna sessions can be purchased separately if you are not receiving a treatment


Single Sauna session 30 minutes


6- 30 minute sessions


10- 30 minute sessions


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